Sunday, September 29, 2013

Riel and The Kinky Halloween Hunt!

 This year Riel will be joining "The Kinky Halloween Hunt2 "!

 That's right! We have a fun little naughty gift for all of you grown ups who are a naughty child at heart ;-) Who said there was no fun to be had with pumpkins, eh? ;-) Below is a photo. Starting October 1st. Follow this link to check out the blog.

Riel can be found HERE

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Riel is now part of The Horror Haute and Woeful Wednesday!

 Riel is now officially part of The Horror Haute and Woeful Wednesday!

 So happy to be apart of the gloom again! Below are photos of Riel's Horror Haute items on sale for 50L In the shop all week!

 You can find them here!  Riel Gothic Boutique

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Riel's Black Magic has been released!

That's right! Black Magic is out now with seven pattern and color options. ALL at a low L$275!  Five sizes with mesh corset and skirt as well as a modesty lace tube top. Alpha layers included of course. You can find it here! [.Riel.] Gothic Boutique

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Another Peek-Black Magic

 A few more peeks at the new outfit soon to be released from Riel - Black Magic. A mesh underbust corset with mesh form fitting floor length skirt.


Will be available at [.Riel.] Gothic Boutique

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Coming Soon "Black Magic"

 Just in time for Halloween and fall eh? Well here is a peek at the "Pumpkin" version of Black Magic. Soon to be released with Tango appliers, mesh corset and skirt as well as a lovely silk bra. Still fiddling a bit with it though.

 <3   Look for them at Nocturnum in the Riel Shop

Friday, September 6, 2013

A New Thrifty Goth!

 As we all know Oriana Pooley used to own The Thrifty Goth. She has been gone for about two years now and it has been mine to watch and take care of, Opheliac Magic/Belladonna Mureaux. Now... because there's been some confusion lately and people still think she is the owner. She is not. I am creating a new Thrifty Goth group.. the only change is that I will be listed as owner. There are a LOT of people in the old one so I do need everyone's help here. I have 40 of 3000+ people moved. VIPs in the new group have add rights so you can add those you know are in the group as well. We need this transition done for the sake of the group itself. :)

secondlife:///app/group/ab0da690-e0cf-a407-8d0d-bc008c352846/about <-- Paste this into your local chat to join in Second Life!

This is the group app for the new group. Nothing will change. Everything will run just as it has before with Midnight Mania boards called, sales, deals, lucky chairs and all sorts of gothic beautiful things.

Opheliac Magic
The Thrifty Goth

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Some Info on Hunts and The Thrifty Goth

 For almost two years now I have been running The Thrifty Goth in Second Life. A group for cheap or on sale Gothic and gorgeous clothing for the children of the night. As of recently I have started getting a Flickr going for these items and will be arranging staff to manage this with me. We currently have a blogger, flickr and facebook for Riel with URL openers in our shop as well as three hunts! Riel will be participating in the following.

Horrofest!  October 18th - November 8th INFO HERE

The Frozen Hunt - November 1st - 30th INFO HERE

A Kinky Halloween 2 - October 1st - 31st  INFO HERE

 There MAY be two more. But I am waiting on approval... ;-)

 Make sure you follow so you can keep up to date with The Thrifty Goth as well as Riel Gothic Clothing! The new face of Nightshade Designs from Belladonna Mureaux and Opheliac Magic!

"Addiction" From Riel - September 2013

[.Riel.] Has quite a few new items in the store now! One of which is this GORGEOUS mesh garter/slip. There's a LARGE variety of styles you can choose from (which you can see below) As well as one up in our Riot Vend (Special treat for my lovelies!)

L$249 Inworld at the Riel main store! Just follow the Rabbit Hole